Christopher B. Shaw

Christopher B. Shaw

About Christopher B. Shaw

Colonel Chris Shaw is a career Marine lawyer with experience helping organizations developing innovative, practical solutions to their operational challenges. Mr. Shaw’s broad legal experiences, combined with his proven track record for leadership, understanding of government and commitment to client service have made him a sought after counselor and manager.

Christopher B. Shaw has served in a diverse range of capacities as a member of the USMC, a Marine attorney, and an organizational leader. Upon being accepted into the Marine Corps as an infantry officer, Christopher led teams consisting of 44 to 258 Marines. Christopher deployed with his teams aboard Navy ships to the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, during where he worked with allied and partnered nations to maximize their collective capacity, build working relationships, and enhance military skills. Mr. Shaw later spent time in Marine Corps recruitment field, helping 120 college students secure roles as pilots, ground officers, and lawyers. Chris Shaw was selected for the Marine Law Program and attended Boston College Law School, and he would later receive his LL.M in International Law from the University of San Diego.

Christopher Shaw’s experience as a new lawyer was as a prosecutor on Camp Pendleton in California, where he tried sexual assault, homicide, and drug distribution cases. Mr. Shaw handled trials from the investigation stage to post trial matters and served as the supervisory over a team of 8 counsel. Christopher additionally was deployed with his trial team to Iraq for 13 months where he led prosecutions, provided legal advice to military leaders, and taught rules of engagement to both American and Iraqi troops.

Since 2009, Christopher Shaw has led teams of Marine and Navy attorneys to provide general counsel services to senior Marine generals and civilian leaders. In 2022, Mr. Shaw became the President of a consulting group providing advisement to individuals and institutions on matter such as leadership development, military investigations, operational strategy, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and criminal law.

Colonel Chris Shaw has built a reputation as a Marine attorney leader who champions expanding opportunities for all Marines, especially those who come from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. To this end, Chris is a proponent of mentoring diverse groups of men and women and sharing key insights through public informational sessions that improve access to opportunities for all.


  • United States Naval Academy (BS, Political Science)
  • Boston College of Law (Doctor of Law)
  • University of San Diego School of Law (Master of Laws, International Law)

Bar Admissions

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts (2005)
  • United States Supreme Court (2012)

Practice Areas

• Internal Investigations
• Government Ethics
• Law of Armed Conflict/ Rules of Engagement
• Military Criminal Law
• Regulatory Compliance
• Treaty Interpretation

Career Highlights

  • Served as Legal Advisor for the Secretary of the Navy
  • Held the Position of General Counsel (Staff Judge Advocate) for III Marine Expeditionary Force (27,00-person Marine Unit)
  • Author of “One Tribe Requires Inclusion – a Discussion about Race and Service in the Marine Corps”

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Christopher B Shaw

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